Where can you buy  posterbags ?
Send us your order via email: include your delivery address, number of items,
size of poster bags and we will contact you.
Sizes of poster bags available now:

CodeHeightWidthThicknessPrice per bag(net)
CD155 mm155 mm80 mm0.80 €
A5230 mm160 mm65 mm0.80 €
A4310 mm250 mm90 mm1 €
A3430 mm430 mm110 mm1.20 €
Wine Bag360 mm110 mm110 mm1 €

The minimum order is 10 poster bags of one size.
Delivery: personal collection, by courier, spedition or by our transport.
If you want to order poster bags in sizes other than listed above, please send us the sizes you require via email.