Urban space is filled with advertisements – they inform us and shout to us.
They become out-of-date so fast that they turn into a pile of rubbish.
We want to give them a second life!!!
Our project  posterbags.co.uk is designed to promote the idea of RECYCLING!
Every bag we make is unique in terms of design and color.
Every one of them is made by hand. They are clean, sturdy and have strengthened
bottoms and upper edges. Posterbags can be used as stylish gift bags
or handy and durable carrier bags and everyday articles. It is all up to you.
The colors and designs of our bags depend on the projects
of the advertising camaigns for which they were originally used.
This guarantees their uniqueness.
They will never be mass-produced and their designs will never be the same.
All the items of posterbags bear the characteristic features of a poster's “life”.
These are mainly discolorations, scratches or creases on paper.
They confirm 100% the RECYCLING origin of the posters!!!